Ready-to-Use™ human TNF- Cell Stimulant (for R&D use only)

Ready-to-Use™ human TNF- Cell Stimulant
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Product Description

Physical State: Liquid

Description: This product is a specially formularized TNF- Cell Stimulant solution. It is in an easy-to-use format. TNF- regulates lymphoid tissue development through control of apoptosis. It also promotes inflammatory responses by inducing the activation of vascular endothelial cells and macrophages. TNF- is a key cytokine in the development of several inflammatory disorders. It contributes to the development of type 2 diabetes through its effects on insulin resistance and fatty acid metabolism.

Application Instruction:

1. Mix 200l of 50X TNF- Cell Stimulant solution with 9800l of medium (for one 96-well plate). . This diluted mixture must be used within the day. Note: Although the product is sterilized, user may need to filter the diluted solution with 0.2 filter to prevent any contamination during the dilution process.

2. Apply 100l of the above mixture to a well (96-well plate) and incubate cells at 37 / 5%CO2 for 4hr~16hr. Collect the medium for further assays.

Storage Conditions: Store container at -20 for six months or at -70 for one year from date of receipt. Distilled 1X mixture must be used within one day.

Note: This product is for research use only and is not intended for therapeutic or diagnostic applications.