XNAPS Cell/Tissue gDNA Flexspin Kit

XNAPS Cell/Tissue gDNA Flexspin Kit
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Product Description

XNAPS cell/tissue DNA flexspin kit is designed to extract and purify genomic DNA from flexible amounts of animal cells or tissues. The amount of starting samples can range from 103 to 107 of cells, or from <1mg to 100mg of tissue, or even more. The system combines a modified enzyme lysis procedure with an innovative chromatographic absorbent resin which preferentially binds DNA with high capacity. The cells or tissues are digested completely by proteinase K in lysis buffer, which eliminates the need of grind or homogenization. Contaminating proteins and impurities are further denatured by buffer DB and removed by centrifugation. The DNA binds with resins in aqueous condition. After chemicals are removed by batch and column washing , pure DNA is eluted in water or buffer TE. The purified genomic DNA is immediately ready to use in various downstream applications, such as PCR, restriction enzyme digestion, sequencing.

Features: 1. Flexibility: The starting tissues can range from <1mg to 100mg, even more.

2. Rapidity: All the processing steps can be completed within 20 minutes.

3. High yield and purity: Up to 10 g of genomic DNA with a ratio of OD260/OD280 between 1.8-2.0 can be extracted from 10mg of animal tissues.

4. Safety for handling, shipping and storage: No phenol extraction, no ethanol precipitation, no toxic chaotropic salts.

5. The molecular weight of purified genomic DNA is 30-50 kb, suitable for downstream manipulations.